Hustlin’ #1


Hustlin#1 unsigned watercolour
by Margaret Sharon Olscamp

OK, George, what do you think?
Crazy? You think this little ole Granny is crazy do you?
Hnnmmmm well might it just be that you’ve not yet gotten used to my new persona?

Yes George, Granny has embraced “Hustling”

Well, no George I’ve not actually sold any of my artwork … Hardly … Des this classify me as an emerging artist do you suppose?

Anyway here is my newest piece … Well no … Not Peace, George … Sigh … Reluctanly I realize … Following the advice of those who know better … Peace just doesn’t pay the bills …

No what this is …
It’s a piece of art …
Literally … A piece …
Specifically …
The first piece
Well I’ve named it Hustlin’#1

Yes George
Piece Hustlin’#1 is for sale
Hmmmm … You mean I need to attach a price?
Trivialities … Such a nuisance
Measures about 14.5 cm x 14.5 cm
Can you figure that in inches, George?
Hmmmm … Me neither …
OK … Tell you what …
Let’s say 5 x 5 inches
That is 25 square inches.
At $1.00 a square inch the price comes out to $25.00
What’s left over?
Should we just cut that off?
Too much bother …
Let’s just say that part is a bonus
Free to the purchaser …
We’ll call it art supersizing
These days of people looking for freebees
Might just work, do you think, George.

Ok so here you go

Oh, by the way, George.
Would you happen to know anything about performance pieces?
Hmmmm … Well are Grannies allowed or is it something only the young people … Well you know how it is … especially the aesthetically pleasing ones … If the audience doesn’t get the art … Yeah … Everybody loves a beautiful lithe bod after all.

My second question … How is a Grannie artist to make money doing Performance or Installation?

Told you this Grannie was going to hustle …


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