Granny Gathering

See you May 2015 in Gloucester County, New Brunswick, Canada


I am working on a plan of action
So far the two main topics under consideration are
1. GAI
2. Solidarity

I am trying to come up with a plan of action of some sort …
Yes it is a holiday … I do know that … Victoria Day … What would Victoria have done I wonder … Now there was a Granny worth her granny boots …

Wonder what Victoria would have thought of GAI. Just a passing thought.

What I really want to do is talk about GAI … That would be one of the topics of discussion at the Granny Conference …
Another is Solidarity

YES! I am in support of
a GAI policy and NO! I am not a Communist …

And now I must justify my choice …

So …

It is the individual person who ultimately suffers damage to health and property as a result of massive projects undertaken without his or her approval. The individual ‘little guy’ should then receive some compensation from those who build themselves into powerful groups and demand an excess portion of the finite resources provided by our world.

For example, in a fair world each citizen would receive a fair compensation:

When huge tracts of public land are privatized and are no longer available for an individual citizen’s enjoyment.

When mills and mines and factories and fisheries are used to take out more than they put back into a community in terms of assets and good-paying jobs.

When mills and mines and fisheries and factories are bought up and closed down and assets removed from the community whose taxpayers contributed to them.

When unreplaceable heritage properties are torn down because owners cannot afford the taxes that a condo-developer might pay.

When schools and churches and community centres and other buildings and resources are bought up or privatized and in danger of being disposed of for less than the tax-money or volunteer time and effort that went into developing them.

When highways are built through small long-time communities, cutting off old streets and destroying neighbourhoods.

When mega-dams are built, displacing whole communities.

When neighbourhood gentrification makes a family home no longer affordable.

When public roadways and former pathways to the oceans and lakes have been blocked off or appropriated and given over to developers and are no longer accessible to bikers and boaters and hikers.

This list could go on …

This compensation to individual citizens could be in the form of GAI to the citizens born in a particular resource area and spending most of their lives having to tolerate changes to their lives and their environment when such changes were/are caused by outside powers entering a community and exploiting resources which had previously been informally and communally shared.

If individuals have a concern about a particular project or group or entity, they would not be operating from the position of poverty. There are probably some who might be willing to sell off their heritage for a top-up, but if enough people have a secure personal economic base from which to make a decision might this not be true democracy?


Ok … Well I found this rather cranky-sounding grannie … That is what happens to some of us as we get older and things are just not getting any better …

Irish Granny Is, oddly enough a grumpy guy Grannie from Ireland

And here is a story about a JailbirdGrannie who spent 12 days in jail because a Canadian border guard couldn’t tell motor oil from heroin

A group who just may be Canada’s last hope … do you suppose the Raging Grannies would attend the Great Granny Gathering next year?

We must think about how the Grannies will carry around all those bags of goodies that Grannies like to carry … Granny carts! What else?…After all, What Granny gathering would be complete without these amazing little Grannie helpers, the Granny-carts?

And how about Granny Rights? We want to make sure Grannies know what their right are. What are the Granny Rights . Not all grannies are as Informed as a certain 91 year old Grannie who speaks at the “UN on ageing and the post-2015 framework for the Millennium and Sustainable Development Goals”. Meet the Granny Advocate .

We might consider a pre-gathering Easter gathering for the Grannies, all of whom would have such a treasure of Easter stories to share. Easter-time can be especially lonely for Grannies with no little ones around to gather easter eggs and no family dinner to share. Tale-spinner Granny That way we’ll be prepared and if Easter doesn’t work … Well maybe St. Paddy Day. Now that I think of it, St. Paddy Day sounds not half bad.
St. Paddy

Music? Well yes we’ll need music! Check this out … Musicians

Sing? ME? Hoooohoooo … Now that is funny … Imagine this little ole Grannie singing out in public. Besides, I only know all the words to two songs. Which two? Oh ‘Molly Malone’ and ‘Tennessee Flattop’ at least that is what I call them. I’m working on ‘Mull of Kintyre’ but the memory is not as spry as she once was. Nahhhhh, Thank you anyway but I’ll pass on the singing. Thank you for asking though. It’s always nice to be considered. … Hmmm … I wonder … Suppose Dolly would come to a Granny Gathering? … Well, Dolly Parton, who else?

Do you suppose Pittsburgh is far from Canada? Maybe some of those Pittsburgh Irish folk would be interested in coming to the Granny Gathering.
Pittsburg Irish
Sounds like a fun grannie to hang out with …
Who else? Anyone else? Oops … Wrong number … Here we go … Fun Grannie


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