Call for Papers: Vulnerability, Resilience, and Public Responsibility for Social and Economic Justice

Some of our neighbours are asking some serious questions about poverty.

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Vulnerability, Resilience, and Public Responsibility for Social and Economic Justice
June 13-14, 2014 in Buffalo, NY
A Vulnerability and the Human Condition Workshop at SUNY Buffalo Law School

Email proposals (abstracts of a few paragraphs are fine) as a Word or PDF document by February 24, 2014 to Yvana Mols,

Decisions will be made by March 7, 2014 and working paper drafts will be due May 19 so they can be duplicated and distributed prior to the Workshop.

The U.S. welfare state has long been the focus of competing understandings of human dependency and vulnerability. In a paradigm-shifting response to the 1930s economic crisis, the New Deal emphasized strong public responsibility for achieving economic growth, stability, and protection. From 1945 through 1975, the idea that the federal government has an obligation to protect farmers, families, business and labor against the risks of living and working in an industrial society…

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