New Year 2013

Happy New Year to you too George.
Resolution? Did I? Is that what you want to know? Are you really interested in whether I have made resolutions for 2013?

Why George? Tell me why you would be interested in anything I have to say.

That is an interesting response. My #1 resolution for 2013 is to try.

My reasoning? Well George as we all know life is difficult … Very very difficult for some, perhaps less so for others. As I see it George the only thing anyone can do in any situation is to try.

In my case I will try to better understand the what, why, when, who and how of life.

I know George … This might sound a bit dismal. But really George I do have hope that 2013 will be a better year.

I’ll let you in on a little secret George. 2012 was not good. I guess my last little poem of New Years Eve was one example of resignation for the whole year.

You do? You really do wish to hear my poem?
Well thank you George for your encouragement …

My Poem for 2012 Passing
Syria my sister
Hello hello hello
From here to you
So far away
One morning I awoke
And you were gone
My dear twin
They had taken you
The cancer, they said
The cancer had spread
Where are you now
Syria, my twin
By Maggiequinn dec 31, 2012

Internationional Day of the Child

Today is International Childrens Day … So … Does anyone know?
November is a special day dedicated by the UN to remind us about the 
UN Declaration on the Rights of the Child and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Thinking about being a kid … Getting a vaccination … Ouch … 
Is it something parents still do … Get kids vaccinated? 

George … Does anyone ever ask questions about vaccinations?

You know … Questions … Like … Where do vaccinations come from?
Who authorizes … Who pays … Who gets paid … Who does research … Who conducts trials … Who participates … Who wins … Who loses … Who invests … Who oversees … Who condones … Who condemns … Who verifies … Who reports? 

Kenya? What about Kenya?