Just Another Rant

Yesterday I was politely reminded that my ho-hum rantings are tolerated but hardly the sort of thing that most people find interesting enough to want to actually read. I slept on this thought. So why do I bother, day after day to look at this world of ours and spend time meandering as I do?
If my only outlet is to research and think and write and even if my writings are seen as the ravings of a lunatic … So be it …

Today, as I read my monthly SI (Soroptomist International) bulletin I tried to personally relate to how it must feel to be one of the many women worldwide that SI is talking about. I tried to imagine what it must be like to live without electricity. What would it be like to struggle on year after year without it?

I was reminded of conditions brought about in my province (New Brunswick Canada) by the recent storm, Arthur. Some families were left without power for up to a week. This was bad enough. Even if we were to lose all that food most of us keep in our freezers, at least we had hope that eventually the lights and power would eventually be back on.

But to never have access to energy?

It is something to think about.


5 thoughts on “Just Another Rant

  1. Thank you for your comment.

    I don’t think it is a simple matter of learning to not depend on it.

    Sure, many of us would love to live off the grid. When I was young enough to do this I tried very hard to live as sustainable a life as possible. It wasn’t long before I realized that heavy industry and big money projects are very much in control. Even the education system was involved, turning out good little compliant workers and few real thinkers.

    Many are the laws and regulations that promote ‘Big is Beautiful’ and few the politicians willing to risk their lucrative careers or their sanity standing up to certain self-interest groups.

    Power is one more example of personal choice we really do not have. Where is the choice between all or nothing?

    1. An overinflated giant of a power company without a friendy face to explain why we must pay taxes on necessities that keep our children and seniors from freezing to death during long Canadian winters.
    2. … No power at all …


  2. I love a good ho hum opinion piece 🙂

    As to never having energy, it feels a bit alien, doesn’t it? In some ways I think perhaps those who have learned not to depend on it are wiser than those of us who haven’t.


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