Life and Death

What if we had a Choice 

between Life and Death

Prompted by an article I read at

I wish to respond thus:

But every person has that choice. It is called free will.
Where we often have little choice is the quality of that life and the freedom to live without fear, together highly dependent upon how we were socialized, our environment, our economic resources and any personal constraints that might influence our approach to death.

One of these constraints is curiosity about what lies ahead. Even the most seemingly hopeless person on the face of this earth can survive as long as he is gifted with curiousity and surrounded by the sorts of things to engage his mind and that peculiar non-thing we call soul.

Another peculiar non-thing is peace. Here is a poem of peace:

At the end of the day
Will anyone be left
To wage peace?

For Russia-Ukraine

Any scholars?


Any miracle-workers?

Any theologians?

Any philosophers?

Any booksellers?

Any good shepherds?

Any student of icons
Any jewellers?


2 thoughts on “Life and Death

  1. Barbaraburgess says:

    thanks for liking my post. I believe we do have choice. Choice comes from within. Some people can live among chaos and still be at peace. It all depends on the person. Some people on the streets are quite happy while others who live in mansions are unhappy. You are right, it is a matter of choice and we can choose to be happy or unhappy, wise or not wise and so forth. Blessings, Barbara


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