How Do I Find Peace?

How Do I find Peace?
What do I Do?
Do I try to understand, do I ask for clarification? 
Do I do nothing and say nothing?
I prefer not to listen to vicious accusations.
I prefer not to listen to drunken babble.
I am unable to communicate with anyone whose brain is muddied with drugs or other addictions.
Do I do nothing? Do I say nothing?  Do I walk away?
My phone number is in the book, I say, call me anytime before 9:00 in the morning, we’ll make plans to get together. Every morning I wait. The call never comes.
Whatever I do I risk discrimination.
When I was young I was always there with a helping hand and a kind heart and a receptive ear.  All my life I paid forward.  I expected no guaranteed return, hoping that honesty and kindness would reap a good life and a loving family and a strong community. I was so often surprised and occasionally dismayed to discover that that is not how life works.
I am getting too old to fight anyone else’s battles or solve anyone else’s problems or even to sooth anyone’s imagined slights.
For my own peace of mind I turn around and walk away.



3 thoughts on “How Do I Find Peace?

  1. Somewhere … I heard the expression … If you want peace … Work for justice … Worth pondering George … The expression must have made sense at one time otherwise it would have been long forgotten.

    Not convinced it is possible in our own local here and now …

    How does one work for justice when that same justice dictates that you must pay overinflated taxes used to pay off the debts accumulated as the result of bad decision-making on the part of people in positions of power.

    … Or when there is absolutely no place to turn when you have hungry mouths to feed because there are no jobs and the promises have worn through.

    … Or when you have been giving the best of your work and you get fired instead of the person who is less qualified but has seniority?

    Wonder if that is why people die George … When their world is bereft of justice and they no longer have any real choices left.


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