Seed Spreader

Won’t need that where we are going they say

As every wanna-be earthy, homegrown farmer will tell you …seeds won’t grow without a little help

So … We looking for help … Hardly a quiverin’ whisperin’ blade to be found (more on this later, maybe)

So we are are on our own … Left to our own devices so to speak … So how do we grow our home grown economic base … Hmmm yeah I thought that sounded good too.

What we did find was fertilizer … You know … The natural kind that springs forth … And no not always from contented cows … As we were saying … Well any do do is better than no do do at all.

Well aged do do From 2011:

Aged even more … Think about it … Where do Atlantic Canadian stores get all those carrotts and onions and corn and … well besides California …
That good old old very old genuine made in Quebec do do

Did you see this pile? Hmmmm appears to be a mixture from 2012 … Some traces well matured … Sniff sniff … Hmmm yess 1989 I do believe.

No no George … It’s too late … Lets forget all that old do do and just do art

The Garden Party? Well no it’s not off … But we do need help.

Help me put up the flags will ye George?
Hire somebody! Heeheeeeehaaaaaahaaaaa … Hilarious George! Don’t you realize that’s not how things happen these days … Besides … While I do realize that some operators operate on what they call … Hmmmm … Is that deficit financing? … No George I have no idea how it works.

Kraft Dinner? George, why is it that every time I try to get something good going … Well it seems you want to stop and eat … And no George I have no Kraft Dinner … Here’s the best I can find …

Pressure Cooker?

What pressure cooker?
Besides … What self-respecting Yankee Doodle Dandy would consider cooking up a mess of Kraft Dinner using a Pressure Cooker. Only a crazy Canadian Magpie … George … You must stop this foolishness.


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