Double Standard

Well George … Ever think about the expression “double standard”?
I have … Just thinking about Sinead O’Connor for example reminds me … 

What do you mean you don’t get it?

George … There you go again … Sweetheart that you are … There are times when your thickness is … Well almost sluggish.

Look at it this way George … Juxtapose Sinead O’Connor, the famous  Irish female singer with a famous Irish male Irish singer … Let’s Say Bono for example … Do you get it George?  The more outrageous Bono has been … Well for an Irish person …

 The Irish are known for … Well we must admit … Not being the most outrageous in the world … Might have to do with being raised to distance themselves with “the troubles” … 

I am not knocking Bono and U2 … They have apparently donated millions of dollars to support young musicians in Ireland.  I’m just wondering about the struggle of women artists … Wondering whether they get the same support as men.

Many prominent figures justify the avoidance of political activity into injustice in their own country by supporting little black babies thousands of miles away … Well yes George some people might rightly consider my remarks … Well … Torn patches of controversy … But you know what George … Truth often is controversial.

Anyway here we go again George … Getting sidetracked when all I wanted to do was simply point out what I see as double standard … As long as Sinead O’Connor was meek and demure and young and fresh and lovely … Well wasn’t she the little darlin’ of the world?

That’s the way it is George … The way it always is … Men are permitted to show character lines … To make demands … To hold the world to task. Women are expected to be good little girls … Serve their masters … button their lips and go gracefully and without complaint into that darkest night.

That’s the way it is George … the double standard…


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