Trading a Forest for a Tree

Guns to protect oil? Did I hear you right George? Did you say they need their guns to protect the oil? 

Would that be the same sort of oil that is used to make that new Canadian  money George?  Is that why oil is so important? 

About that new plastic money … It just doesn’t have that same feel about it … And the smell?  

Remember when money used to be made of real paper George … Real fibre … One could almost say that it was like the fibre of our existance … OK George … I agree that I am no philosopher … That my words might well be an insult to the ears of a real Philosopher … Well … Those venerable folks attached to major universities with PhDs … Wonder if they have much to say about paper vs. plastic money.  Since I have little in common with the hallowed fellows … Being left to my own little furrow …
and you George.

Talking about paper … Is it  being replaced by oil in everything from … Well just about everything I can think of George. Who started all that … Does anyone know? And why was it done?

Yes George I do realize that there was a problem with trees disappearing from someplace called old growth forest and such … Then along came well-meaning people who gave their lives to serve and save the environment … Some turned it into a career … With speaking engagements and funding … And it grew and it grew and it grew …
And now everytime I want to buy a jar or carton of healthy juice … Just one more hidden tax George  that is what I think … when I am forced to pay a deposit on my bottle of juice  I am forced to support this whole new industry of big-talkers … 

No George This has nothing whatsoever to do with the story of Pinochio.

So back to the basics of old-growth forests … then people started complaining about all the trees being cut … Even extended it to banning paper because paper was made from trees … Even slowing down papermills that had been employing Canadians for a hundred years.  No George it was not quite so direct that anyone could see it coming.  

The strategy was more all the new little tacked-on government rules and regulations that took an army of lawyers to decipher.  Well nobody dared raise a voice in protest.  Who would dare disagree with new gods of the environmental movement its new army of the righteous leftists … Does that make sense George? 

And then the papermills started to shut down … And the independent wood-cutters were suddenly jobless. Here in Canada anyway … But what about China?  Were they not opening new mills in China? 

And guess what?  The wood that was being used in the Canadian papermills was a renewable resource George … Did anyone ever think of that?  It was not the same old growth forest wood that had originally needed protection.

The old growth forest  wood was being used for construction not paper-making … At least here in New Brunswick that was the policy.

By the way  … If you were to check the construction material in houses built by people who made their fame and fortune investing in environmental issues … Wonder what you would find … certainly not recycled papier mache pillars.

You know what George … If you cut down a tree that is used in paper-making … Well why not just plant one or even two to replace it …  R&D silviculture vs. mono-culture That was the way things might have been done before banning paper because well-meaning environmentalists perceived every tree as a tree sacred to old-growth forests. 

So we had paper-making mills using wood from trees that hardly lived longer than a few decades … And now these mills are closed and somewhere someone is opening new plastic factories.  Tell me George …
Why? Who is doing this?  What are the environmentalists saying now?

 By the way George … About oil investments …  Is that where the retirement funders retire pension money? 
Is that why oil is so important George? How big must it get before it gets “too big to be allowed to fail”? 

No George I have no idea who said that, when, where or under what circumstances. I read it somewhere.  But even if it was a good enough excuse for banks and such … Well is it really good enough for the rest of us …

Then again George … I am from a time when conservation and ecology were balanced with logic and good sense … A time when you did not pay a bank for their use of your money … When the bank paid you a decent interest  on the money in your savings account … A time when ethical people had rights and choices.  

One thing George … Plastic is an interesting comment on our moden world.


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