World Loves

Not true …

Well I was thinking of writing about love … The expression in particular … All the world loves a lover … Probably from a song or a movie … Yes George I guess I am that unidimentional … Welll I am trying to improve my spelling George. Just this morning I tried so hard to be positive … Even to the

Painting of cup by mso

How are you just fine thank you and yourself just great

extent of trying to paint a cup in lovely warm colours … You know … Yellow pink … Not a hint … Well hardly … Of blue and purple … Guess what … Most difficult … I couldn’t see any yellow or pink or any sort of bright colours in my cup … All I could see were blues and greens and greys … So what Am I to do George?
Hmmm … Sort of like when someone ask how you are … They don’t want you to tell them how you really are. They want a cheery smile and a nice compliment. That is the real answer to the question when someone asks “How are you” Why? Because what it is, George, is not a question, but a riddle.

So, have a cuppa tea … On me.


20 thoughts on “World Loves

  1. George, I am willing to forget that prophets profit … As long as you respect my right to explore … Even if it is only armchair exploration that engages me.

    My dream? Besides Ireland you mean? Well my great dream has always been to go to China.

    Ahh well, even an armchair exploration is better than none.


  2. What about profit George? Don’t you think we are entitled to at least a bit of profit for all our hard work? We are not getting any younger … as the cliche goes. With no decent pension to rely on, all we can count on in our later years is whatever we have managed to save of profit that we have accumulated.

    Faith! What do you mean, George? What does faith have to do with profit?

    Oh! That! You mean Prophet? Not the same word George. Yes well sometimes what sounds the same is not the same.

    Not much profit to be had in any Prophet that I ever heard about.


  3. Failure!
    What do you mean … You are afraid to try because you are afraid to fail

    Depends how you look at something.
    We imagine that other people think less of us for our failures in life. Not so!
    One thing I have discovered. People will talk about your failures. They don’t want to hear about your success.
    People love to see you fail because they can feel superior, even though they have never been brave enough to try anything themselves.

    Imagine how good it makes certain other people feel to know you have failed at something … Most of those other people are so insecure that they need to compare themselves to lesser people than themselves. All they gain is a false sense of over-confidence.

    I will be so happy to have this on my stone when I pass on: ” At least she tried”


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