Imagine Granny as Queen

Just imagine a place where Granny is a queen

What’s that, George?
You wonder, do you? You wonder whether we have Grannies who are treated like Queens in New Brunswick?

Not exactly … You might say that Grannies have been the heroines … Errr that is the same as heroes … Don’t you know? …

Taking up the slack … Doing so much work … unpaid unsung and unknown … Hmmm … The Grannies might say … Somebody has got to do it otherwise it won’t get done …

What it is like … Living in New Brunswick … an NB lifer

What if all those good kind Grannies of New Brunswick were to go on strike? Who would raise the funds for all those organizations that bring hope to communities?

Would taxes go up because government had to hire more staff to take care of people in hospitals … Feed people in homeless shelters … Would there be more old folks falling out of windows in special care homes?
And who would cook the meals and nurture the grandkids while mum is off to work or school?

And who would play music in the homes and churches? Who would provide respite care for an invalid spouse or aging parent? Who would spend countless hours in a palliative ward?



Hello ... Please speak your peace ...

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