The Eureka Notion


A woman senior is especially vulnerable.
100% of 0 is 0. That appears to be how the world has balanced her worth.


This might be it George!
How do you spell Eureka again?


Well, just as it happened in the old story ... You know that fellow who might have drowned in his bathtub, he used so much water ... Hmmmm Archimedes? Sounds about right. Anyway there he was, just laying back, relaxing, enjoying his Saturday night bath, when ...

Well one might hope he might bathe at least occasionally ... And would you kindly stop interrupting me, George? It is my story and I'll tell it whichever way I prefer.

So as I was saying, Old Archie was laying back with a good book and his usual cup of tea, taking a bath when the book slipped and ker-plunk ...

OK ... So tell me ... What does a book falling into the water sound like, George?

Besides, it's not so much about the book as what Archie noticed when his book became sodden and unreadable.

Because Archie always had a book to his nose he hardly ever noticed much of anything else that was going on around him. Because he never lowered himself to do such menial chores as bathtub scrubbing he had never realized how dirty a bathtub could get. But laying back without his book, he finally saw the light, Eureka! A dirty person taking a bath will leave a ring around the tub ... Forever after what his wife liked to call Archimedes Principal Reason for Inventing the Tub-scrubber.

Part I

Archimedes Invents the Tub-scrubber

    Archie drops book
    Archie notices ring
    Chapter 1. Archie documents his perception of ring
    Chapter 2. Archie sees a challenge, formulates problem
    Chapter 3. Archie ponders a solution
    Chapter 4. Archie experiments, trying out several possibilities
    Chapter 5. Archie decides on best solution
    Chapter 6. The Invention is Invented

Part II be continued


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