The Granny Manual


1. Support the government which provides each citizen with a living wage, either through a job or a guaranteed annual income. Move to #2.

2. Reread #1 and agitate and protest and attend sit-ins until all citizens are receiving a living wage. Boycott agencies and groups which do not support a living wage for all citizens, ie. large, wealthy, powerful businesses and organizations and special powerful interest groups and fraternities and sororities and political parties, etc.
Support small mom and pop businesses. They are hurting too and it is not their fault … Question Big banks about all their service charges.

3. Read the declaration then return to #1 above and follow directions. Once citizens are all receiving a living wage, then move to #4

4. Work for world peace while continuing to hold government to account. Return to #1 or move on to #5 or #6.

5. Consider becoming an activist Keep returning to #1 periodically.

6. Consider joining Amnesty International. Keep returning to #1 periodically.


8 thoughts on “The Granny Manual

  1. Why would Granny not join the revolution? The curse words … Too many … Otherwise Granny might consider it … Oh but is Russell Brand not a communist or at the very least a socialist? Granny likes to think of herself as a neo-capitalist … Well no she has no idea what that means but doesn’t it sound spiffy?


  2. Revolution? Who says anything about a revolution? Oh … Russell Brand? Actually no, Granny does not know him personally? Want to? Want to What? Know him? Oh … Well as the Beatle-Gods might have put it, “I don’t want to join a revolution, I just want to change the world!”
    I have no idea whether Russell Brand does GAI support. Ask him yourself.


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