The Longest Bridge

Granny is going to what!

Hmmm … See what happens … Poor old Granny. Should have kept her mouth taped up … Even offered the duct tape.

OH well … Win some lose some … What is one more Granny, after all. Pretty soon there will be too many, some say. One way to get rid of them.

Maybe … Just maybe …

I guess this would depend upon the qualifications of the observers and who is paying for this? I see this as money that might have gone into the GAI-Fund.

Or is this another red herring? Could all these observers be doing something to help their own communities here in Canada? Could the MPs be studying the poverty that exists in our own country? So if this is another red herring, what are we going to do about it? Are we going to demand accountability and responsibility? Are we going to demand a solution to our own problems here in Canada? Are we going to keep going on with social experiments that treat Canadians like very unhappy lab rats? And then what happens to the results of the Experiments?

I wonder what our Senators have to say about this spending our money minding the affairs of other countries. Do any of our Senators care one way or another? Is it the job of Senators to care about individual Canadians? So, what is it Senators are supposed to be concerned about?

Do we know or do we care? Do we have access to our Canadian Senate?

Are we getting our 100 million dollars worth a year? How much of this money benefits the individual taxpayer who foots the bill.
A busy bunch, it seems, but what are they busydoing for Canadian taxpayers

I might be wrong but as I understand it, the Canadian Senators are kept very very busy reviewing acts to amend acts that amend asts that amend … Hmmm … Do you suppose anybody ever gets back to the nitty gritty of what the original Act was meant to accomplish? And does anyone actually understand what any of these new acts to amend acts really means to me, myself, and I, the individual Canadian who might get dragged away to jail if he or she forgets the one about “ignorance of the law is no excuse”?

And besides! What is going on with this Bill S-4What is all this French doing in the English column? Am I wrong in thinking that there is supposed to be a complete and accurate English translation of the Act as it is written in French and a complete and accurate French translation of the Act as it is written in English?

Is it strong enough to hold all that traffic?

Did someone say traffic or … Grannies hearing not what it used to be … Trafficking … Have the grannies also forgotten how to spell?

Even a bad Granny knows how to spell poverty …


Tuesday, October 29, 2013″

Ms. Olivia Chow said

” Mr. Speaker, a few steps away from here, 600 people are gathering for the first national conference on ending homelessness.
… there are 200,000 homeless people in Canada every year. … it is definitely a national disaster
… the end of the housing agreement in 2014 will mean that hundreds of thousands of people who now have affordable housing will lose that affordable housing.
Given the homelessness crisis that is facing Canada, what should Canada’s response be and what should be in this budget document?”

So it looks like some have been provided with homes while some have not. What is fair about that?

GAI seems more fair by comparison.

Besides that what is not new?

So what exactly was the cause? Why did all those grannies go bad?

Is that OK? Is it Kosher? Hmmm dare I ask … Is it POLITICALLY CORRECT to ask such questions?

Why does Granny call this The Longest Bridge, do you suppose?
Does it have a lot of potholes? Might there be a few brownie points to be picked up by volunteers? Granny suggests check the potholes and where the work wasn’t well done then transfer the budget money to the GAI-fund.
LOOK AT THOSE POTHOLES! No I don’t know whether there is a potential for a golf course.

#1 Hole

#2 Hole

#3 Hole

#4 Hole

#5 Hole

BORING! Yes, isn’t it. Do you suppose that is why there are so many potholes?

Surely somebody is responsible … Somebody must be trying to fix the potholes

#6 Hole


#7 is this a hole or a crack?


#9 … Did somebody say 160 Billion?

Tax Credits in the BillionS

Tax Credits in the Billions?

Reboot #1 Where is the funding? Is it going where it should and being used wisely?

Did those old Biddies get lost again?
Hey! A Gaggle of Grannies! How on earth did they ever get on the bridge?


No NIT! We need cheques

People cannot feed and shelter themselves with Statistics and “forward-looking” statments and reports no matter how much these cost.

If we are going to juggle … Lets hire pros to do our juggling.

If we are going to be transferring funds … Lets transfer into a GAI-fund that sends a decent amount out to Canadians.


Hello ... Please speak your peace ...

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