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GAI Budget

Guess we need to work on it.

Prostitution …I hear there is money to be made in prostitution … NO … NO … NO

BUT THINK … The taxes that could be collected … The money that would flow … And potential clients would always know where to find a prostitute no matter which city in Canada they were visiting. Imagine the tourist potential NO NO NO!!!

Brothels? Prostitution?

Some radio announcer just mentioned some idea about legalizing brothels.

Do we really believe that legalizing prostitution will make a better Canada?

Will the advocates for prostitution be the ones who will also welcome brothels into their neighbourhood?

Questions always questions … Not that I will spend a lot of time finding answers to them except … If we had a guaranteed income for each Canadian then wouldn’t we be saving desperate young people who are forced into this “trade” as some like to call it?

Our government is already spending what amount of time and effort and how many of our tax dollars on prostitution? Any stats on this?

When small, legal tax-collecting Canadian businesses are robbed into bankrupcy, does the system mobilize as quickly and as expensively as it does over prostitutes?

LOL? Not likely. Absolutely nothing funny here.

Grannies don’t think any part of prostitution is funny or ethical.

Grannies of the world looking to build the GAI-fund might ask some big budget operations to share. Maybe a ship or two …

Not sure exactly what they do … Oh … not many Grannies to be found in the control room … Guess maybe Grannies don’t understand all this important stuff


“Department of Canadian Heritage
April 01, 2014 15:15 ET

Design Competition for National Memorial to the Victims of Communism Launched
Call for design teams to express interest in a national memorial project in Canada’s Capital
OTTAWA, ONTARIO–(Marketwired – April 1, 2014) – Department of Canadian Heritage
Today, Minister of Canadian Heritage and Official Languages Shelly Glover, along with Minister of Employment and Social Development and Minister for Multiculturalism Jason Kenney, announced the launch of the design competition for the Canadian Memorial to the Victims of Communism.
Teams of professional artists, architects, landscape architects and other urban design professionals are invited to submit their credentials and examples of previous work for the first stage of a two-phase competition. The first phase will evaluate qualifications and shortlist approximately six teams; the second phase will invite finalists to develop concepts.
This new Capital landmark will recognize the role Canada has played in offering refuge to the millions that left behind torment and oppression under Communist regimes for new beginnings in a free and democratic country. It will also serve to raise Canadian and international awareness of the ravages of Communist regimes and remind visitors of the core Canadian values that unite us and must be protected.
The monument, to be unveiled in late summer 2015, will be prominently located on Confederation Boulevard in Ottawa, between the Library and Archives Canada building and the Supreme Court of Canada.”
So how much money has our government put into this? ? What if this unknown money had gone into the GAI-fund?


Is this true
Or is it a lie?
One or the other … No shades of grey folks …

“$90.4 million over four years, starting in 2014–15, to continue to support the Investments in Forest Industry Transformation program”

Personally! I have no idea what this is all about …
What I see is $90.4 million over four years that could go to the GAI Fund

“$391.5 million over five years to Parks Canada to make improvements to highways, bridges and dams located in our national parks to facilitate better access to our natural treasures, such as Glacier National Parks”

Personally I don’t have much to do with Parks Canada so … What I see here is

$391.5 million over five years that could go to the GAI-fund

“Doubling annual funding for the Recreational Fisheries Conservation Partnerships program to support projects aimed at improving the conservation of recreational fisheries habitat”

I am personally not really interested in Recreational Fisheries … So … And since I don’t know what amount is allocated, I certainly cannot determine what doubling that would amount to …
Whatever the amount,i would prefer to see this going into the GAI-fund

“$10 million over two years to improve and expand snowmobile and recreational trails across the country; ”

Well since I am not much interested in snowmobiling … Here is $10 million over two years that I would allocate to the GAI-fund.

“$11.4 million over five years to Natural Resources Canada to upgrade the earthquake monitoring system with more advanced technologies that provide timely public alerts in high-risk and urban areas.”

Hmmm … $11.4 million over five years that I would put into the GAI-fund

SO …
$90.4 million over four years
$391.5 million over five years
Unknown amount
$10 million over two years
$11.4 million over five years

“I was pleased to attend the 67th World Health Assembly in Geneva, Switzerland. On May 21st, the Canadian Mission co-hosted a panel to support the Every Newborn Action Plan. I announced $36M in funding to supporting maternal, newborn and child health research”

Hmmmm yes … Another $36 million dollars that might have gone into the GAI-fund


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