No need for anyone to be poor? There is always reciprocity.

Maggie, as usual is trying to find her voice.  Perhaps if that silly old Granny would disappear … Maggie cannot think clearly when Granny goes on and on about nothing. 

So what is this about reciprocity? Is it Fair Trade? Is it expecting good value for your tax dollars?

Maybe reciprocity could involve receiving a decent wage for the work you perform. And what exactly is meant by “work” and who gets to decide what is meant by a “decent wage”?

Take artwork for example. Maggie has long been criticized by family and others because she apparently doesn’t want to sell her artwork. It has been suggested by a friend and colleague that she should try selling her work at one dollar per square inch. That sounded reasonable. Then a financial expert came along with some free advice. She should sell her work for a different price. Maggie measured the piece and did the math.
This latest bit of friendly advice meant that she would be charging 10 cents a square inch. That would hardly even pay the cost of material. So where does reciprocity come in?

Perhaps Maggie could seek advice from more than one expert and one friend and colleague.

Getting back to the part where Maggie apparently is not interested in selling her work, does this mean she is not interested in earning a living?

What sort of person is this? Does she expect society to provide for her every need? Does she feel no sense of responsibility for herself?

In searching out answers to these questions Maggie came across the odd terms ‘Homo economicus’ and ‘Homo reciprocans’.

What on earth is next? Homo hetrodoxicus?

And what about Maggie? Should she complain about being seen as worth only 10 cents a square inch? There are people who are so much worse off. Maggie, at least is not homeless.


One thought on “Reciprocity

  1. Winter is on the way ….

    September 21, 2014 is a great day for inviting people to cooperate to build an arts-friendly community.

    At this season of year many of us are busy preparing for those long winter months. By the time May 2015 rolls around we’ll be ready to get out there and do something.

    Gardening? If the weather is cooperative, yes. Perhaps not in Bathurst, however. In our part of New Brunswick, Canada, Spring arrives a wee bit late and there isn’t a lot to do here in May.

    Hence the idea of Spring Garden of Artists. So we have planted the seeds of this idea and on September 21 we are asking people in the community to come together to discover more about this project and hopefully they might consider volunteering a bit of time over the fall and winter months so that by spring we will have mini-arts projects sprouting all around us.

    This idea is basically to have the whole community, businesses, organizations, individual artists, etc. devote the month of May 2015 to promote our area as an oasis of art with at least one artpiece in every store front, every bank, every business office.

    We would support and promote individual art exhibits and as many small musical venues as we can find artists to fill. Every restaurant could become a potential coffee house or piano bar for one whole month. Every church and seniors’ home could become a small concert hall. We would also hold professional music, art and craft workshops, interesting job opportunities for retired professionals, career experience for newly graduated arts students and a welcome to outside artists to explore the potential of our community.


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