So? What will happen in Bathurst next May 2015?
Will there be sufficient accomodations for all the Grannies when they arrive for the Great Granny Gathering?
Will they be invisible? Hardly likely. One thing Bathurst is famous for is Hospitality … With a capital H!

So where will they find hospitality and accomodation?

Might Granny suggest the Atlantic Host and Dannys

Both of these locally owned, combination motel/conference centres are highly regarded by the local Bathurst community as well as people “from away” who return to Bathurst year after year for family events and conferences.

Well now …
Bathurst must have
More beds
More restaurants
Those two tried and true

Where else
Might they gather
In their night-caps?
Give the Grannies
A bit more choice
If you please.

The newest Downtown Bathurst Hotel

Opened May 1, 2014. Downtown means closest to many banks and some of Bathurst’s oldest local businesses. Across the street is Captain’s Cabin, a second generation clothing store which began in the 1960’s as Roman White’s finer quality menswear store. Not far away is Tower’s jewelers, the source of diamond engagement rings and wedding china patterns for many generations of Bathurst people. Kitty corner to the lovely little park at Main and King is the venerable Bank of Montreal. The Bank may have changed location several times in the memory of local Grannies, but the friendly, professional service remains ever-constant. Just a short walk away is Levesque’s Barber shop, another multi-generational family business owned and operated by a well-respected local family.
Return to the corner of Main and King and walk up a block, pass the police station and across the street you will find the old Irving garage converted many years ago into what is still now lovingly referred to as ‘Aurele’s’, the Big Deal Market where you can buy everything from bulk spice to fresh vegetables and fruit to barrels of salted and pickled fish. Keep walking up King and on the corner of King and St. Andrew turn left. There you will find the Bathurst Curling Club, home to many famous bonspiels and curling heroes of by-gone years. Directly across from the Curling Club is another local small business over a quarter century in operation.

Music City has been supporting the local music scene since the late 1970s.

Hmmm … Link doesn’t work huh … Sorry about that … Websites come and go but Music City hasn’t moved in over thirty five years. The building … That very very old building is even older … Sure it’s been there for over a hundred years … Used to be some of the local Kennah family lived there … Quite a history … Before that I don’t know but I’d venture to guess that Ship-builders in Bathurst might have been part of that history …

So what if Music City does not have a web-site … It is very much a real honest to goodness downhome store that is very much part of Bathurst …
Check it out
212 St. Andrew Street
Bathurst, New Brunswick

Back at the Best Western, stroll down towards the bridge and you will pass the Old Post Office, the most historically important federal Heritage building in the City of Bathurst. A brisk walk ‘around the bridges’ is a favourite daily exercise for many local people.
If you cross the causeway and glance up Queen Street the large VIA sign marks the location of the old CN train station which was replaced and renovated several times over the years. If you turn right at the end of the causeway and walk several blocks along Riverside you will eventually reach what used to be called the Old Cove Bridge, hardly recognizable as a bridge theses days. Believe it or not it once was a very real bridge with water flowing in and out between the harbour and Kent Pond, now mostly filled in and covered with a trailer park.

Continue along Riverside to the Veterans Bridge and you will be passing through what is probably the oldest section of Bathurst. There is no indication that you are now walking through the former St. Peter’s Village as it was once called.


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