Once Upon an Era

Once upon an era there were some very rich men who were greatly admired because … Well because they were 

rich I guess. So how did they get rich and is it true that poverty is the affliction of the lazy man who just does not work hard enough?

So who was John Jay Hopkins

Was he rich? Do you suppose?

Hopkins was one of many Canadair employees.

Can acquistions make a poor man rich and a rich man richer?

Then there is the rags to riches story of Henry Krinsky aka Colonel Crown.
Exactly how rich was Henry Crown? Col. Crown was 94 when he passed away in 1990 leaving quite a legacy.

What about his son, Lester Crown? Was he rich?
How much power can a rich man buy?

How many board directors are rich and powerful men?
How often are poor people asked to join boards?
How many boards can one man handle? How many members of one extended family may occupy positions on the same board?
Does James Crown ever concern himself with such trivialities?
Why did James Crown step down from the board of U. Of Chicago?
Does it take a man with a longview to create wealth?

Did any man ever get rich as a result of the Manhatten Project?


Guess that says something about why the Peace movement was such a failure …

Was there ever a rich man who believed in peace?
Is there such a creature as a rich Canadian? Who is Pierre Beaudoin
A member of the wealthy Montreal Bombardier-Beaudoin family, Pierre is the son of Laurent Beaudoin.

So, as the son of a powerful family, did Pierre inherit a few perks that a poorer person might not get?

Hmm nice salary if you can get it …


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