Bad Bad Man

“Bad bad man” … That is what an old friend recently told me.


Hmmmmm … A day late …

Well yes I read it for the first time today but yesterday I was in the Miramichi at Canada’s longest running folk festival … You know … The one started by Dr. Louise Manning way back when … Well it’s part of my history too since my mum was born in the Miramichi

Yes it was a great day of music and I guess maybe what must be the traditional Miramichi food … boiled potatoes in their jackets … Meatloaf and yellow beans … Oh yes and strong tea

The fiddle workshop with Ivan Hicks was a real treat too

All in all the day was such fun that I missed PM Steve’s announcement of congratulations for the Acadian festival in Caraquet so …






“Stephen Harper is a bad man … A dictator

“Nothing new you tell me here” I told my friend

I’ve been hearing that for years.

Family members short and tall

Tell me

“ForChrissake get on the ball

ForF’n sure you gotta take a stand

Damn this god-forsaken man”

Pardon my crudity of language please

Forgive my indiscretion too

As my Irish-Can family I reveal to you.

Oh yes … And my Newfie family too.


Re-entry … This needs sober thought … Yes I hear what you might be thinking … Because of my Irish and Newfie ancestry and all …
But after he lost his arm during the first world war … Well the way I see it is that my Irish-Canadian grandfather had earned the right to a glass or two … And yes I admit that my father did have a wee bit of Newfoundland Screech upon occasion and yes my grandmother liked her little nip of Hermits at bed-time.

First thing in the morning, however, I am quite capable of sober thought.

My first sober thought this morning is that my friend didn’t tell me why she thought the Prime Minister of Canada is a very bad man. She offered no actual proof that he is a dictator. All she said is something to the effect that he has complete control. Because I so greatly admire this friend of mine because of her wisdom and fine education I did not think to question her judgement.

As for family members who rant and rave and practically foam at the mouth when the name Stephen Harper comes up? I’ve asked them to give me proof but so far nobody has. I’ve stopped telling them that I think he’s not so bad, that I really kind of admire him and that I feel we should show more respect for our Prime Minister. I stooped defending him because I was feeling quite bullied. Being the meek, uncourageous soul that I am I didn’t want my family to disown me.

So I decided to do my own research. Most of the material I have linked below is along the same lines of opinion pieces with not much proof to back up allegations that Stephen Harper is indeed a dictator.

As a matter of fact, what I have read makes me realize what a difficult, thankless job it is to be Prime Minister of Canada. I certainly wouldn’t want it and I do believe that Prime Minister Harper is doing the best he can under all the pressure he gets from sea to sea and perhaps beyond the borders of Canada. I think we should all send him a big fuzzy hug and lots
Of unconditional love.


Now understand this … please … I know absolutely nothing about politics and even less about the leaders that pop out of all those media molds but I do know my Irish family. I know that even if PM Harper were the grandest saint ever to rule Canadian soil, my IrishCanadian family would never approve of him. Why? Well that’s an IrishCan thing I guess, maybe unique to my family. It has to do with drawing clear lines of distinction between black and white, hot and cold, right and wrong, us and them … Muslims and Jews … oops sorry about that …
It’s no laughing matter to call your leader a … By the way what exactly is a dictator?

Better to be a fascist do you suppose?

Is it OK to call someone a dictator?

Canadians take their dictators as seriously as their hockey …

You might say the old black and white is tne new red and blue … Canadians proove their loyalty … Montreal Canadians and Toronto Maple Leafs … What’s it gonna be, boy?

Which team Wayne Gretzky plays for now? Hmmm

Me? You want to know what I think? As usual I just straddle that old fence and admit that I just never knew

I read the blurbs and wonder …
Now that you tell me
Tell me what do I do
Just Watch it …
Butt butt butt
What do they mean
When politikers say
Just watch … ”

Our Prime Minister is not what we call our favourite PET.

Our Prime Minister didn’t make the top ten list. Sigh …
If a leader is a dictator

Dictator Things To Do List:
1.Compile Enemy List


3. Create new laws & regulations


5. Remember RTFM


7. Measure twice cut once. ...

8. Learn to read between the lines.

9.exercise your rights

10.Pass out treat bags

If all else fails … Join a Christian Zionist group and … what else … Raise a little hell

Next year in … Maybe?



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