Happy Peacekeepers Day

Well I thought I’d just pass along another message from PM Steve

Why? well it’s like this … These folks have one tough job. Granny is proud of them too.

“Today we celebrate Canada’s long and proud tradition of contributing to international security. Since the mid-1950s, Canada has participated in dozens of international security missions around the world, helping to prevent or contain conflicts and contributing to global and regional stability.

“Our brave peacekeepers, which have included tens of thousands of Canadian Armed Forces members, police officers and civilians, have put their lives on the line around the globe placing themselves between hostile forces, supervising ceasefires and the withdrawal of opposing troops, providing valuable training and development, protecting and assisting civilians in need, and supporting international security operations and stability efforts. Many have made the ultimate sacrifice while undertaking these perilous activities.

“Canadians continue to play a vital role today in places like Haiti, the Sinai, Cyprus and South Sudan. I wish them well with their important work as well as a safe return home to their families and loved ones.

“On behalf of all of our citizens, I thank all those Canadians, both past and present, who have served for their remarkable contributions to greater peace, security and stability. Through their intrepid and selfless efforts, the world has known less conflict, war and strife.”


Hello ... Please speak your peace ...

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