Lost … Nope

Lost? You asked if I am lost?

Nope. Not lost. Not I.

Yes I do have a map.

I’d be happy to share.

You might almost say

Sharing is my middle name.

Even the best of maps

Now and then

Here and there

Can use a little tweaking

Maps, these years

Are printed on paper

Not written in stone

As any civilized scholar

Might point out

Many paths lead to the same well.

The well is where the women used to go to talk

The well, if wells could talk

Might have many stories to share


Where are the women?


One thought on “Lost … Nope

  1. Marc-Andre Chiasson says:

    Interesting “roadmap” for peace. You should send it to Gaza, Israel, Eastern Ukraine, Iraq, Syria, etc, etc. They sure could use it.


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