Milton Acorn

Milton! What kind of a name is Milton Acorn? And how do we know he ever really existed? Did he have a job? … a real job ?… Did he ever work for CBC? Did he ever accept an invitation to do an interview on CBC? Was he ever asked? If he had been asked would he have worked there? Might he have been fired? Why?

Was he a great poet? If so, was his poetry ever heard over the CBC airwaves? What, when, where, why, by whom?

Two more days George. Only two more days before I disappear into my turret … No idea … And besides … Would Milton really care … What would Milton say … Milton, who as far as I know was never even asked to read his poetry on CBC … Not even on November 11 … Well he was a veteran … From PEI … One of ours George … Surely he must have read at least one poem on CBC … At least on November 11

Then again, was he a veteran? After reading a biography of Milton from the University of Toronto library website I wonder. There is no mention of his having been a veteran.

PEI’s greatest poet! Says whoo? Some nurse? What do nurses know about poets?

Now if we could find that CBC had considered him a poetic …
Not even worth one show? So, whether or not he was a veteran, who are the veterans CBC has considered worthy? Who are the Canadian writers and artists and musicians CBC has considered worthy?

Steal … Those who don’t steal! But what are you saying … That the CBC considered Milton a thief? Impossible-not true- totally ridiculous. What if Milton had sued … or something worse … But no … He didn’t actually admit to stealing! Not PEI’s greatest poet! Did he?

And … He didn’t! He would not have dared … I’m sure he had nothing to do with publishing a book about some old plane that never even existed … Not even Milton would go that far …


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  1. Thank you for introducing me to Milton Acorn. I checked him out, but I couldn’t find a reference to him/ CBC. But I like his poetry – what I’ve read so far.
    PS my grandfather was a chaplain with the Mounties. see ‘Grandpa in Saskatoon’

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