October 2014 Newsletter

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Spring Garden Newsletter for October 2014

Arts thrive when people agree to cooperate with others.
That is what the Newsletter said … But maybe it would be better to say “when people help one another”

That helps create a strong arts community.

There is a new website dedicated to looking at the state of the arts along Chaleur Bay. Please take a look. Let’s see what we have and where the arts might need a bit of help and encouragement … That’s old folk’s talk for “tweaking”
Almost sounds like tweeting … That would be nice too. Please go ahead and Tweet


If you have any local arts related notice or studio contact you wish me to post here, please let me know. It can be written in English or French or both.

This web log is about art and culture along the Shores of Chaleur Bay or Baie des Chaleurs as my French-speaking friends call our beautiful bay.

“What Art and Culture! It’s not like we live in Fredericton*.”
Yes … I’ve heard it too.
OK … Let’s deal with this. Must culture and art always be about comparison and competition?
Let’s take a look at the Arts in Fredericton.
Now there is a model for people willing to work together to make good things happen. I ask whether those same good things can happen here.

I am preparing to take a trip along the Bay and this trip is not about judging one place over another. It is about seeing what is being done in each community, seeing which communities are proud of their artists and seeing how much support artists are actually getting.

And what do I mean by support? Shouldn’t artists have to support themselves just like everyone else? Up to a point, yes. But the artist who is being asked to donate time and talent for every worthy organization out fund-raising surely deserves at least to be recognized as making valuable contributions to his or her community.

If there are not enough paying jobs to provide for groceries and heating, why would the artist not move to a place like *Fredericton, the Capital City of New Brunswick?


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