Art Happens

Prepare Ye
Grace Too


You again they said …


Fodder fodder forgive me fodder
For those wires we could not solder
Said the sinner to the thief
Explain it all but make it brief
I know nought …
For I own nought …
Said the untrained worker-man
Noughty noughty boy
Say the Fodder
Compensation now is due.
Does he say that
Much so late
With nothing left
Upon the plate
Investment lost
From that precious dish
That passed by once
For service rendered
That passed by twice
To secure the loan
And then again a thousand more
Until the blood is dried
With one pound of flesh now fore
And who is fined is who keeps score
When no one reads
Or reports anymore
Author MSO


I wonder whether every artist even has a miserable $35.00 to enter even one competition … Ok George … Ok so I’ll try to be more positive … But you tell me … If it comes down to feeding her child or entering a competition …
What do you think she will do?


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