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The Creator’s Manifesto?

Stone tablets? More than two? Is that Fair?

Tell me George … Why would the Creator … After all this time … Issue a Manifesto?

Besides, who will even bother to read the MANIFESTO?

It is not as though it were written in stone … Was it, really?

Equity? What do I mean by equity?
Mafia? What does equity have to do with Mafia? I really don’t quite get that connection.

Oh! That is not what I mean by equity … No George I am not a member of any group called Equity.

No George … They do not represent me. You might say that I am my own woman. I am an independent artist George.
I follow a long long line …

Oh dear oh dear … Is that the tax-man again? Looking for money is s/he? My fodder warned me there would be days like this … Well George my fodder was not joking … He was dead serious … Well not that he was dead mind you but he was serious … Very very serious… Everything was pretty serious those days … Especiall when his business failed because he was charged all these unexpected … Dare I say HIDDEN TAXES? No Fodder was a good man … Not a business-man however. He was an artist. And as well-read as anyone who was neither a lawyer nor a politician.
Well it had to with small print. Maybe artists are not as interested in a lot of idle small print. They prefer the big picture.
My dad? What did he do? Well George that is a long long tale from which there is no return as some might sing it. Yes Fodder did like to sing too and tell stories.
I think Canadian Government hated artists and writers and story-tellers back then too. Yes George, I honestly believe that. I believed it then and I believe it now. Otherwise why would they make artists and writers pay a fee or else stand idly by allowing others to steal their work? Yes I do believe that too, George. Tell me how that is any different from Mafia!

Hmmmm … Then again Is it government? Isn’t it a bit silly to say government hates us? We are government … Or at least one of the things artist might tend to do is keepreminding people that we have rights … Whether we are a very significant part of government is another story.

And come to think of it why does a politician appear to be a more important part of that government than the rest of us, poor artists in particular? Is that really what we want in a democracy?


One thought on “Manifesto

  1. Dear Maggie Quinn, I wonder how George is. Poor fellow. Sometimes your a bit to cryptic foe us old blokes. And No> I don’t think many would bother with a manifesto. Too many people have misinterpreted the first edition and claimed they really knew.


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