Ode to DOA on Christmas Day

Ode to DOA on Christmas Day

Hello hello

Ode to The Season of …

So I am reinventing me
Gone on from your game
And say politely
Before I shut the door
So glad that you came
So thanks
For that nohelp
That I so dearly needed
And even though I asked
All the help I would hope for
Was too great a task
It seems
Was too great a task
So you all stood silent
Watching watching watching
What can I do to help you
Is what you might have asked
But helping out it seems
Was much too great a task
Such a task a task
Unless there’s some recompense
Just too great a task
So you stood in silence
Great pity in your eyes
But you might as well
Have spoke your thoughts
Ahhh just another
Potential wasted
Another suicide
Too bad so sad the fellow
Despite such godly wealth
Was troubled don’t you know
Should just have tried much harder
To reinvent himself
Copyright 2014 MSO


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