Throw Up or Throw Away

Throw Up

Hello hello

Throw Up Or

Throw away
That is what
A throwaway world
Throwaway everything
After a year
Of not wearing
You can pretend
To be a caring
Person by donating
To the poor
The throwaway rags
You don’t want
Anymore or less
Your wornout heels
That have walked
Too many streets
In too strange places

Throwaway house
No longer united
Or union made
Of sturdy lumber
Cobbled instead
Of papier mache
A thought sombre
That everything is
Little more stable
Than a sand-castle

Throwaway person
That you are
Should be no surprise
That you need
Black and blue
Bins and other things
Throughways or throwaways
Crazy crazy crazy
Ideas that you
Me or anyone
Can do anything
To change
Change the world
Or ourselves
For anything better
Copyright 2014 MSO


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