Abstract Contract

Abstract Contract

Hello hello

Ever think ever notice
Those churchy drawings
Foisted on us
Abstracted contracted
From the world to come
They promise our salvation
Not now not now
Not ever now
Only if we repent
And accept what they demand
And live the way they choose
Denying earthly life
Obeying and awaiting
That holy reward that
Paradise to be sent
That day we all are spent

Those elegant gentle
Doves of peace
The unmanly face
Without a crease
Demanding adoration

While all around
Starving people on the street
Appeal to those above them
Locked safe away like Faberge
Precious cities built within
Skyscrapers that cost a lot
But steel is cold Is it not

Ok ok so you get your way
Protected in your towers
And seashores that you’ve gated
And farmlands you’ve converted
Disinfected verbally corrected
No extra space
Eternal day florescent night
No place for trees or flowers
Except for poppy paint
On crosses at releases
With the final Rest in Peace


Hello ... Please speak your peace ...

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