The basket … The one Maggie carries … Yeah … That’s the one … What’s in it?

The basket contains all those little bits and pieces of life that Maggie has never quite understood, that she’s searched out high and low, that she’s questioned and wondered about when answers have not been forthcoming. You might say that’s what Maggie keeps in the basket. She likes to think of it as her ideas basket. The way it works is not complicated. When Maggie has a question about anything, as she often does, she writes the question down on a slip of paper and places it into the basket. When Maggie finds an especially interesting or creative solution to a problem, that too is written down and added to the basket. Why? Well because solutions often lead to further questions. And on it goes. The basket is unique in that it is almost as bottomless as the deepest part of earth’s oceans.

One example is money, that strange commodity that has always drifted just a wee bit outside of Maggie’s ken. Money, it seems to Maggie, is just so relative to where you live and whom you serve. A real peculiar puzzle indeed.
Then there are people Maggie finds interesting, people like JD
Oops! Here he is … JD


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