Happy Valentine’s Day

What valentine?
Oh … I see George … You’d like me to sign a Valentine, would you?

A blank Valentine card … One with a funny image outside and no words written inside, huh?

Well, write something in it first George. You know I don’t sign anything with blanks … Learned that one a long, long time ago … Signing off under blank cheques and blank spaces can really get a person into trouble.

Dozens of people have already signed without question? Because by saying nothing you offend nobody no matter what language they speak … I see your point there George.

Hmmm … so let me see the picture on the front of the Valentine Card you are sending our PM.

Hmmm … Did your dozens of signatories see the image on the front of this card, George?

Well I’m frowning because I don’t find it one bit amusing … Quite in bad taste really.

Well yes it might be as funny as those Charlie jokes but I didn’t find them funny either.

Sorry George. No, I wouldn’t care if the picture were drawn by New York’s highest paid artist. Nope … Not signing.

Instead I’d like to send our PM a nice big fuzzy hug for Valentine’s Day.

Guess the PM won’t be receiving a Valentine from me again this year.

No George, I don’t have the flu.


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