English Ears

English Ears ver.2

English is my language

An english tongue I have

With which to speak

English ears with which to hear

My ears are open.

Willing to meet foreign sounds at least half-way.

Other ears must be equally open.

So I listen …
What are they saying?

It is not that I have shut them out.

I have no idea

What these words are saying

To my open ears.

Where are the scholars of the world?

Who is there to build the bridges?

Between Eastern voices and Western ears.

Who builds the bridges

Between Western voices and Eastern ears.

Where are the scholars? Where are the bridges?

Tell me … What are they saying?

Please tell me what that man is saying?

Tell me if you will

What that woman has to say

How can there be world peace without world communication?



Hello ... Please speak your peace ...

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