E-Qui Knocks

George, I think it is time to stop sulking about St. Patrick’s Day … And are you were getting strange on me again? We both know that is not how to spell equinox.

Yes, George I know you were offended at not having the chance to sing on St. Patrick’s Day. That is no reason to act childish.

You know perfectly well that crows are not the sweetest voices in the choir … They just don’t croon like all those greenies expect. Better luck next year, George.

This is the first day of spring and I am meditating … Thinking about what it means … And how music might heal my Celtic-Irish soul.
Spring resolution time … Ahhh yes … Next year in Ireland … Maybe we’ll even finally get to hear the Chieftains.
No, George. I don’t expect we’ll be jamming together any time soon.

Happy first day of spring to you too. Hope you are feeling better.

Mull of Kintyre? Sure. Which keys?


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