“they sometimes tend to doubt themselves, deprecate themselves, and isolate themselves”

Here is where I found this quote.

Here is another good quote: “become useful members of society through education, employment and social adjustment, and to focus public attention to the fact that the magnitude of any physical limitation is a function of attitude ” I borrowed it from this site.

Both quotes might apply to many people or groups across the world.

So … Who are we talking about? This sound like a wonderful energetic group of people. They formed an organization in the U.S over 50 years ago, and although I’m not sure whether they are affiliated with the Americans, there have been similar groups in various parts of Canada for about 30 years. They are sometimes called Little People, sometimes Dwarves.

There is a chapter in Alberta.


Newfoundland and Labrador?

I love this quote from the BC group:”We are a little organization. A little organization for little people. We are Little People of BC. With very limited resources we provide services to our members and their families. Awareness, education, social, emotional and medical support, these are our goals. Our members may be small in stature, but we have big hearts and big dreams. ”

One of the groups is hosting a Christmas Party in Burlington, Ontario in November and I hope they have the biggest and best Christmas Party ever.

It seems New Brunswick has no LP chapter. That is OK though as long as New Brunswick does its best to be inclusive.
Inclusiveness means everyone.

Here is my favourite quote found today:”It is our understanding that we cannot change the entire world. Our efforts hope to educate those who have an interest, spark one in those who have none and leave our doors open but give no attention to those who remain ignorant to the value of those who may have a difference. We invite you to explore this site with an open mind in hopes that you will be able to better understand dwarfism.”

Now about LP artists … No doubt there are some.


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