One part of a system that works best when all parts co-operate.
Connect the rib to other ribs and we have what is called a rib-cage.
Ribs are individually connected to something we call a backbone. Backbone? Really? Hmmmmmm do we really have a backbone? Or do we actually have a very flexible spinal column?

And the miracle goes on and on, one part intricately connected to another, protecting the more vulnerable parts that are inside. No part is quite like another, each with its own purpose and shape and size and ability.

Most of the time human beings really are amazing. We are well designed creatures. We can jump and dance and sing and play. We can make music and art. We can cross continents and deserts and sail oceans and climb mountains.

Best of all We can learn. Given the right opportunity we can even learn to share our wealth and care for our world.

Unless we are independently wealthy we must rely on help from family and friends. Hopefully we have such a support system in place. It is pretty scary to have to depend upon strangers in an emergency. If we call out for help let’s hope there is a response team somewhere not too far away.


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