That time is nearly here
I’m trying to decide
Make up my mind
Oh no not who
Not this time
Here and now
My question is if
In that frame
I look around
What do I see
Policy Resolution 100
Wearing Depends I smell
What else, what choices
Promises are less binding
Besides who reallly
Believes that swaddling
Ever brought security
As for teaching new ways
What would Bible Bill do
If he were alive today
Study the studies
Same old the hacks might say
What can they tell you
About those not holding stakes
When even Deloitte must know
It is always the same
Same old stakeholders
Same old recipients
Same old political game
Same old shafters’ gain
While I left as usual
Behind thinking
Beyond the vote
Still not who but if
That cap matters
As it might
Where are the voices
Of real people
Are they really those
Who work only between
Or would that be
Betwixt the dole
What about the souls
Never counted never seen
Buried by sheafs of
Sheafs of
Left despairing
Over final payments
Never paid
From salaries never made
PEI wants the Pilot
To go to them
How could I agree
When New Brunswick
No better situated
Indeed all the Maritimes
Are in equal need
And fair is fair
From sea to sea
We see not
A great deal better
Or across the continent
And as long as I have gone
So far from my own backyard
There is need across the world.

So if I lived in PEI
What would I do
Even if I did believe
As I tend to not
Pre-power or re-power promises

What if I were … American?

Let me study this issue

Let me ponder.


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