Simon Says, I Dare You

Dare to imagine

Dare to Imagine!

It is already October.
We are moving into winter. Here in Canada harsh is pretty much an understatement. We can easily and quickly freeze to death if we do not have warm clothing and a heated shelter.

What must it be like for homeless people? Let us imagine ourselves homeless in Canada. Or maybe even imagine ourselves as poor students struggling to get an education

OK … So let’s see … What is it we really really need for basic survival
FOOD: Bread or cereal … Milk or other dairy products … Vegetables … Eggs, Meat or other protein. We also need food preparation and cooking facilities.
HYGIENE: we need toilet and shower facilities.
PRIVACY: We need privacy especially for our hygiene needs
CLOTHING: As well as warm clothing, we also need to clean our clothing.
SHELTER: We need a safe place to sleep; we also need to heat our shelter and we need cleaning products to keep our shelter clean.

Comfort food: Canadians, like Americans, love their morning coffee.

That is all pretty basic, isn’t it? So, how do we pay for it if we have no paying job?

Why Simon? Well since my Several times great granny was a Fraser I guess I am entitled to invoke dear old Simon.


Hello ... Please speak your peace ...

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