well then fix it

All together now … In harmony … Voices sing out … Loud and clear

Poverty in New Brunswick?
“Governments are promoting food banks and, at election time, certain candidates tour them for a photo opportunity. The emphasis should be put on reducing their number and eventually closing them down. Instead, community groups organize a variety of fundraising activities to support them. Some are even using a “Celebrity Chef” to help raise their profile.
Food banks and soup kitchens are a signal of the collapse of our social security net. They are also an indication that our federal and provincial governments as well as some private corporations are not interested in making real changes in the redistribution of wealth. The result is that more citizens live in poverty, therefore more of them dependant on food banks.”
New Brunswick Common Front for Social Justice

Fix it … build Community kitchens and community gardens where everybody is welcome and the entire community is involved.

Where is the common sense in allowing
” corporations to sue democratically elected governments for lost future profits resulting from legislation and policies that protect the environment and public interest”?

The Council of Canadians


Fix what?
Who is going to fix Canada?
Why, if it’s not broken, why fix it?
But if it is broken, as some think, who will fix it?
There is a new kid in town as the saying goes. There’s a new team as another old saying goes.
They wanted power. They went after power. Now they have the power.
Let’s see what they do with it.
The new power team in Canada.




Will it?


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