All In The Same Boat

Maybe if we actually were all in the same boat we might be better off

because, while there might be some selfish people aboard, there might yet be some chance of finding someone we could share with,

help out, listen to and be helped and listened to in return.

Maybe the scariest thing about the boat idea is that each of us is expected to sit nicely and quietly in our own little boat, paddling along the best we can even though we might lack a paddle or a rudder. We are expected to not thrash about and make waves lest we upset someone else’s boat.

Once in a while we might meet up with another stronger boat willing to throw us a line, for a fee of course. Just as not all people are created equal, so it is with boats. Some will stop and help pull you along, some will not.

Maggie’s Answer to all in the same boat


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