This is … Well … This is me … Sort of virtual me if you like … Sitting here in my virtual desert … Communing with my virtual friend … Oh that’s George … A regular Magpie. So imagine me …

Well why would I not want to talk about me? Isn’t that what a blog is for? Isn’t that what every sane soul … And others too … As I was saying … I do believe that I am entitled to talk about me. That is all I really know about after all. So …

Imagine me sitting there in that desert pondering and musing and engaging in all those other belly-buttonish sort of activities that were so dearly paid for back in the sixties. Well as I was telling George the other day …

“George” I said to my dear friend, “Where were you back when I really needed you, when I was was young and the whole world was open to me? Where were you?” Of course George never did give me an answer. He likes to think of himself as … Well back in the old days … Hmmm maybe even today …

He thinks of himself as above such petty little problems like survival. Imagines himself as one of those lilies of the field I guess. George tells me that everything that has happened is because I made certain choices and allowed such happenings. Well … Fine for that lily-livered George to say … That way he gets to avoid any sort of uncomfortable discussion about fairness and justice. So …

I decided I would just let George have his way … I would stop complaining about all the broken things I was finding in this old broken world and I would only associate with positive people and perfect situations and I would show better appreciation for all the wonderful gifts I found all around me.

Guess what! That is how I found myself sitting in this desert. The only really real thing I could grasp out of life were handsfull … Hmmm or would that be handfulls … Doesn’t matter I guess what you call it … So …

Now what I do is reach out and no matter which direction I look … I finally have found something that is real and honest and lasting … Well yes overall it does shift and change but I am used to that. As I was saying all I need to do is reach out and pick up a handful of sand … Lovely warm golden sand sifting through my fingers.

And they nothing in this world is free.

FREE! No no no no no … I warn you! It is not a place for a dear Granny. It is so offensive that it would cause a messiah to purge his last supper. If you dare to enter … No Granny worth her bloomers … Granny will not be responsible for what you see and hear. Trust Granny Can-Do! It contains …

You do not want to go there.

How about some nice free music? What do you mean there is no more music?

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Your about is very about you! I am Squatch, and do thank you for following me, and as soon as I get home I will return the favor. I hope to find out just WHO you really are and see if we haven’t met somewhere along the way,,Pardon my not taking more time in your blog, I am in a temporal quandary, and am rushing to get home.Hope to catch up with you soonest!

    Was Thomas Piketty here?


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