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Basic Income Supporters
From: Ann Withorn (Massachusetts) and Liane Gale (Minnesota)
Re: Basic Income Women Action Group (BIWAG)

As a response to the February 2015 NABIG Congress in New York City, we released the attached statement to announce the formation of this group. Since then, while also building local Basic Income chapters, we have been spreading the word about BIWAG to Basic Income activists, primarily women. We have also established a FB group – Basic Income Women Action Group. The FB group has not been very active so far

We are establishing a Planning Group that will help BIWAG be more focused and expand our reach. Are you interested in joining a conference call to discuss the future of BIWAG?

Please share this invitation with anyone whom you think would be interested in joining this effort. Also, we aren’t excluding men from the call, so if someone knows an interested BI man who would like to support this effort, please tell us, and we’ll send an explanatory invite.

Reply to either of us by e-mail,
Ann Withorn (, Liane Gale ( or feel free to call Ann at 617-515-8177

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