Old news


I am here for a limited time it seems. Power has been out since mid-afternoon, day before yesterday. I could see from my backyard that a tree had fallen across the powerline. I called NBPower. I guess they must be too busy in Fredericton to bother with us folks around Bathurst. Well got to go. My battern is wearing out. That is a battery that was recharged on a battery. Besides I guess I should go and clean out the food rotting in my frig. Freezer needs checking … How I dread opening that freezer door!

Seems NBPower has a planned hike …
Maybe to pay for the tenders … Do you suppose?

Hmmm … What if United we stood? What if Grannies were like those smart Union folks?

Then again … Seems those folks who last cleaned under the power lines were contract employees … Came onto my property … Cut down my rose bushes and cherry trees and highbush cranberries … Never bothered with the big trees on the