A Couple O’ Guys

Well you know
How it is
We interrupt to bring you …. The following
This is an unpaid non-political advertisement.

Invest in good.

Get a good job

Guys like to hang out
Here we have them
Just a couple-o-guys
Having a conversation
Sculpture by Margaret Sharon Olscamp
C’est moi by the way.

Sculpture two figures by Margaret Sharon Olscamp

Here are a couple of guys hanging out having a conversation … Well that is what guys do don’t you know?



meanwhile … At the studio in Bathurst during culture days so-called … September 25 and 26 ( well Sunday is my day of rest) Maggie works away at the Art

Sculpture by Margaret Sharon Olscamp

Artpiece by Margaret Sharon Olscamp
Indie artist with studio at 212 St Andrew St Bathurst, NB Canada