Hello world!

Here I am … MaggieQuinn … Yes George too … Must not forget the Magpie! You may … If you prefer … Refer to us as the Elder and the Magpie.

How is that for an introduction … Well yes George … Nine months and a bit … Almost a year later … Definitely procrastination George.

OOOPS … Sorry George … Make that a year and nine months and a bit … Yes well George … As you must refrain from asking a lady her age … I suggest you also refrain from comments on an Elder’s perception of how best to deal with time.

Besides George … Have you never heard of Sacred Time?


2 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. My shameless promotion of the day:
    In Canada … in New Brunswick … in Gloucester County … I promote the City of Bathurst as a wonderful place to live … even to visit … during the summer if you like the seashore … we have miles of clean scenic beaches
    … then again … if winter is your favourite season … if you have a fancy for snowmobiles … if you like to cross-country ski … Bathurst is the place to be.

    Whatever time of year … music is always nice … Bathurst has nurtured many generations of fine musicians.


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