Obedience & Justice

Obedience … That is the thing George … Ever notice how obedience is the big thing in all religions?
Well I think most religions demand obedience … 
No George I have nothing against any particular religion … It is this obedience thing that I question … especially blind obedience.

Can you name one religion that does not demand blind obedience?  Can you name one religion that does not claim to have a monopoly on the truth?

So the thing is George … with all these religions … Each claiming to be the one true faith and the one true path to God … And each demanding that followers to unconditionally obey church leaders and defend their one true faith … What do you think is inevitable George?

All the peons obey the masters … Support  the masters … Well no George 
… Nothing wrong with that … In a reasonable balanced world 

But don’t you think it gets out of hand after a while …  When it is a case of people living in poverty … Feeding their children skim and sending off all the cream to the masters … All in the name of obedience to some religion

Yes George … I know the masters tell us that they distribute this wealth to the needy and destitute … But which needy and destitute George? … Ever ask yourself that?  So I’ll tell you … Those who are obedient … Those who promise to obey and those who don’t ask any pertinent questions George.

Well of course George … It is a matter of obedience … Nothing whatsoever to do with Justice as I understand it.

Hmmm … Happy that you mentioned it George … Justice … Yes indeed … Obedience to Justice … Well there you go … Nailed it on the head George … Justice … Ask a thousand people about their opinions … What is Justice … How many different answers do you think you’ll get George? … 

How many?

Ever been to Ottawa George? … Ever been to the place they call the Palace of Justice? … My feeling exactly … Not a really inviting place was it?  Bet you never got inside George … Bet you were never inclined to return … Bet the message you received was the same message I got …

Now what sort of message is this … And don’t forget who paid for the Palace of Justice … Every last cent … 

Any idea who works there George?  Another old boys club do you suppose?

Laws? Well of course I believe we need to obey laws George … But let’s get real … You cannot expect anyone to obey laws they cannot understand.  Ever try to find out what it is the average person is and isn’t allowed to do?
Ask government? Are you joking?
Ask your elected representative?  Hooooo … you are hilarious George.

Civil servant?  Stop it George … My sides are splitting.

Good luck George!

Well just try George.  Lawyer huh?  They suggested you hire an attorney?

And exactly how is a jobless person supposed to afford that?

So George … Keeping the masses in abject poverty … Expecting them to obey some elite old boys club … And glorifying this as the new world order?  And done in the name of Religion?

Justice? I don’t think so George


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