13 Minutes

Yes George, this could be the title.  It is a sad story of the short life of a girl from Moncton, NB, Canada.




2 thoughts on “13 Minutes

  1. Maggie says:

    Well George I thought I might as well hang around … Talk to myself … And you George.

    The cups George? Well the first is sort of what you might call a wireframe. The other three? Why not three George? Three is as good a number as any. Besides, it is a reminder about forget-me-nots?

    Well George I do recall telling you some time ago that there are really few neighbours who welcome me in for a cuppa tea … Or even politely invite me to sit with them. That is unless they are trying to sell me something.

    Friends? Hmmmm well now George that is one of those topics that are not really open to discussion. Hiding something? No George … Nothing hidden or sacred here … Simply put I have no friends … Except you and well one other … significant other if you follow me … Oh that’s OK George … I’m used to not having friends … Yes yes George I do realize that if I want friends I must simply join Facebook … Otherwise nobody will bother with me … Sigh … It wasn’t always that way George. I did have friends once … Well yes I do admit it was a long time ago … Yes it was when I young … And attractive … And entertained … And … Oh well George … The list could go on and on.

    No I didn’t paint cups then. No I didn’t concern myself with social justice … Well yes I did go out to parties … Even belonged to a political party once … That was before I saw what a … Well George I guess I’d better stop before I say something I would regret … No George not because it would be untrue … but because truth is one of the reasons I spend so much time alone.
    Truth is one of those things that is not highly valued these days George.

    What do I do with it? Well I mostly just keep it to myself. Following the edict George. … Well if you insist.
    1. Truth hurts
    2. Turn the other cheek.
    3. Under construction.


  2. I was thinking George. Yes I do that … Well at least one a day.
    If I were indepentently wealthy George … Well actually even if I had a bit of extra cash … You know how it is George … The bills … Rising cost of electricity … Gas for the car … Well as much as I believe in the idea … the fact reimains … we don’t have a bus within a hundred miles George … Hey this is not Moncton … This is Bathurst …

    As I was saying George … I was thinking … George … Do you suppose … Would anyone but me be interested in an Ashley Smith Fund … You know to help those kids who fall into cracks … And yes George … Believe me … The cracks are there … Fell into a few myself from time to time.

    Ashley Smith Fund … You know George it does have a ring …

    I know … I know … There are already so many deserving projects and groups and what not …

    Take this one for example:

    Click to access CanadaLetterPMonSR30May12.pdf

    Guess this little old world sure does nead a lot of help huh George? … What you call a real fixer upper …

    Well George if I don’t talk to me it can get very lonely.


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