Good Old Days

The Good Old Days?

Do you really belive in that George?  Hmmmm well in the late part of the last century … Was that before The New World Order George? No, I cannot recall exactly.  Well before the year 2000 … Actually before 1999 … Ahhh now that was an interesting year.  Yes George there was. Canada in 1999.  Who was in charge? No idea George.  Sounds too much like politics.

Talk politics? No George absolutely not.  What do I know?  Not much … But here you go …


One thought on “Good Old Days

  1. What’s New?
    Is that what you asked George?

    Well … Politics is a lot like a wedding party George. Everybody all dolled up … A whopping big jumble of old new borrowed … And blue … Doing their best to look like they know what they are doing … No disrespect intended George. But where is the MC Who will dish out the juicy morsels and make everyone titter uncomfortably at the delicate suggestion of unmentionables?

    Court Jester? Well that might be an idea George.


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