Grace …

Saving Grace? Does Grace want to be saved?
But does Grace really need saving? According to …?

I’m a bit puzzled George … Does Grace appear before the end?
Hmmm … Grace as a spirit? Now there is an interesting idea.

31 thoughts on “Grace …

  1. Oops! Sorry George … My mistage … Ok … My mistake … Freudian? Not at all, George. My uncle Varrily was named after that Varrily … Well that is how they did things in the old days George.


  2. Verily Verily schmerrily … Upon the grave of my dear departed uncle Varrily … Yes yes George … I do realize … But it is not a spelling error … And yes My depated uncle was named Varrily … Hmmm I do agree that he had an odd name … That is only part of the story …


  3. What do you think,George? … As a model of Grace …

    No I can’t read her either … George! Why such a negative reaction? Anti-this anti-that … What can you expect when no truth is preferred to naked truth


  4. Hmmm thinking … Maybe have B. Boru riding in on a unicorn … Set the mood … Let J. Depp choose whatever he is comfortable with.
    No … Haven’t actually heard from him yet. Guess he’s still pretty busy. Probably checking out potential unicorns.


    • Wonder if he’d consider an elephant. I hear there are a couple of elephants moving from Toronto to … Los Angeles. Pink? Oh no, Grey … One even has tusks. Real live elephants.
      Well I think the elephants are still alive. Depends. Well … Guess it depends on Canada’s military if I recall the article in Macleans magazine. According to Mrs. Black. … Well I actually think of her as Lady Black, lovely lady lady I imagine … Being married to Mr. Black must have affected her, I have no doubt. Almost transformed her into a Lady Grey I might venture … I do hope Lord and Lady Black get to see our Rock opera … Like rock operas … Well yes … that too.


  5. And don’t you love that beautiful unicorn in the rowboat? George, if you really believe in unicorns then you must accept that they come in many many shapes and sizes and … yes … even in grey. So … Next time … Think … Maybe it’s a unicorn in disguise.


  6. Verify what I am saying? Is that what you said, George? You would need to verify it … To see the actual amount of money that retired people are expected to live on? Good luck George! Didn’t you know! That is why we have Privacy Laws here in Canada. That way, nobody can lodge a complaint because nobody can actually verify the truth of anything anymore. Ask whom? Do you honestly believe the dear old soul from La Mancha is going to admit that she made all the wrong choices … That her political party wasted all those years spinning invisible yarn that melted away after each election? That the laws she supported would eventually strangle her in red tape?

    LOL …


  7. Retires? When Grace reties? You are so funny this morning … George you crack me up … Grace retire?
    Grace can’t possibly retire. How would she afford food and shelter?
    Pension? My sides are splitting, George. What pension?
    Guaranteed income? Stop it George before my belly bursts from all this laughter.
    Have you ever tried to fill out all those government forms … Have you even had a look at them, George?


    • Here might be a good spot where we take a peek into the Garden … You know … Eden … Heaven … Mount Olympus …. Whatever you want to call the hereafter … Land of the Blest … Where only so many souls will be permitted entry …
      Hmmmmm … Sort of like a fat retirement package …

      Make a comparison to how heaven used to be seen in the good old days

      Hmmmm two heavens George? One for the good as in ethical … One for those clever and sly enough to feather or sweet-talk their way in. Now there is an idea.

      Just rewards …


    • Well of course you cannot see anything … Proof? … What is there to prove? It is the spirit of Grace that matters. Her nakedness? Doth that offend thee, George? Close your eyes?
      Why not offer clothing? A lovely red serge coat … Are you sure about pur laine … Why not … Maybe line it with silk …. hmmm wait … organic cotton … fine as handkerchief linen … or for real staying power … why not lawn? And jodhpurs with a strip of gold, lovely polished leather riding boots, and a hat … Headscarf is just fine George … Oh yes … A jet black horse.


    • Saving Grace?
      Yes George it does.
      Her age? You want to know how old Grace is when she is saved?
      It doesn’t matter … Not one little bit. As long as Grace is saved.
      Besides, George, the older the spirit looks … Well you know what I mean … Actually George, the Irish spirit is ageless. She takes on a mask depending upon …. Hmmmm
      How does it go …
      What mask
      What task …
      Just a little bit of posey to build a song around George …
      All these masks serve equally well. As I mentioned George … Depends upon the task.
      So we get our prop artist to create a series of masks for Grace … Innocent child princess-to-be-while-befriending-frog-at-lily-pond …
      Beautiful-pure-maiden-searching-for-Prince …
      That’s a start George … So many posibilities

      Wrinkles? Nothing wrong with a few wrinkles, George … Shows character … Of course we have heroes who are willing to help out Grace as she moves beyond the flush of youth.

      A happy ending? Certainly I want a happy ending to my story.
      Why? Why not? What is wrong with happy endings? What is wrong with saving Grace?
      What is wrong with having a hero or two? Three or four even?
      Which reminds me, do you suppose Brian Boru would look good in Red Serge?

      Nothing is impossible with Grace.


    • Paranoid, George? Hmmm … That is a convenient word isn’t it? I wonder if there is anyone anywhere who has not been accused of being paranoid when they question the motives of a potential stalker or worse. What do you call it when the niggly feelings of doubt eventually prove to be real warnings that went unrecognized because of accusations of paranoia?


    • Me? No George, I do not ask forgiveness.
      Anarchy? Why, I am barely able to spell the word. How can you expect me to understand what it means.
      Let’s make one thing clear, George. I am not an anarchist … However it is spelled. …. Hmmmmm … Too many hidden agendas , George. You don’t know what you are getting into until you are smack dab in the middle of a mucky swamp fighting off alligators, rats, and an odd assortment of nasties.
      Well, yes George, I do consider myself to be a peace-nik. However, this only goes so far … I just walk on.

      Politics? You want to know about my political affiliations … None George, absolutely none … Again … too many sneaky … sorry George … I just meant that what you think you are voting for is not always what you get. All parties George … Yes and some union folks too … The ones who use up their working hours promoting pension plumping.
      Is that what they call collusion? Not sure, George.

      I think all parties are guilty of putting their own interests above the interests of the people whose support they … Hmmm missing a word here … What is that word that is used to describe what those red-light ladies do … Also … The word that is used by government purchasing departments … No that word is procure … No that’s not it either George, that is another issue … The one about the same civil servants and their friends always getting the contracts … Well I suppose some red-light ladies do need the repeat work George … But that’s not what I am talking about
      one … Ahhhh solicit … Well Guess what George … With all these little issues confusing the larger picture … It just about leaves a body speechless. Is it any wonder that things are such a mess George.

      By the way, don’t expect me to try and fix things. Besides, no one else does anything for nothing. No George, I have no affiliations with any party. Respect? Lol … That is so yesterday.

      Oh wait … I support the Queen of Canada, Elizabeth II and her family … And the laws passed on to us by our fore-bears. Can I say that? …

      Being a Canadian I also have a great respect for bears … No, George, nothing to do with sports. Bears, George, big wooly cuddly-looking creatures whose forest homes … But that is another story.


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