The end

Well George … Looks like it’s just you and me now.

Ads? What ads? Oh … word from sponsor? Well I have nothing to do with that. A real sponsor would pay me for my work … Besides, placing an ad here would be like the erection of Billboard somewhere in some unknown desert … Back in the early sixties. Who would see it. Don’t you know George? Freedom of speech is a bit of a luxury these days. Hmmmm … Nothing for nothing …
Meanwhile fwi … Dummy

Well … Yes … I do make mistakes … Dummy?
Oh yes … I see … Send in what dummy? What did you say?
Which two newfies do you need to change a light bulb?
Sorry but that makes no sense, no sense whatsoever.
The question is … “How many Newfies does it take to change a lightbulb?”
Everybody knows that. I’m sure everybody has known that since St. Brendon first discovered America.

Historically accurate? Aren’t you hysterical! I don’t complain about what version of history you choose to espouse, do I?

What do you mean there is no possibility of having to be accountable for mistakes? What is Positively brilliant about a dumb Newfie Joke?manuvre … Where is the Dummy when you need one? Which one? Have a little respect please.

Ok … That’s it. That is the last of your thinly diguised Newfie Jokes.
The answer? Depends on watt?

As we all know from past experience, everything we get, our homes, our education, our food … Everything depends upon sponsorship.

Without sponsorship you are not even allowed to have a job … At least that is the way it works here in Canada.

If nobody is willing to sponsor you …

But I do know, George. I know it very well. Look around you. Look at all the people you know who are successful, well- educated, well fed. They are where they are because they have sponsors. The sponsors are often political but not always.

What it comes down to is that if you have no sponsor you will probably eventually starve to death.

Whether sponsorship is related to advertising? Who knows?


76 thoughts on “The end

  1. Companies interested in what George?
    I doubt it very much George.
    You may as well try to sell them our amazing flying machine or even our didden stash of blue beans George. No I’ve no idea where you hid them.
    Anyway you can try but none of these companies has no far indicated any remote interest in magpie feathers…


  2. Isn’t it good to know that somebody out there has concern for the welfare of humanity?

    But what about the feathers George? You still have not indicated what your wishes are regarding all those beautiful feathers.
    Decide after the meeting? What meeting, George?

    But I really don’t understand what your feathers have to do with intellectual property. You might just as well be counting blue beans, George.


  3. Demron hazmat? Is that a new designer label? Why would a magpie possibly consider pulling out all his feathers and selling them to pay for a new suit? What’s wrong with the suit you already have?


  4. Your Magpie feathers? Why would you be worried about losing your feathers, George?

    What do you mean … Indians on the war-path? What Indians? Besides George don’t you know … You are supposed to call them First Nations people, not Indians. There are no Indians in Canada.

    Oh you mean our neighbours to the south. They might want your feathers? Why on earth would you think that, George.
    It is not like you are anywhere close to resembling an eagle. Besides, the folks down South are so busy with land claims …

    and looking for gas and oil in exotic places … I really doubt whether they have any time for dancing around with feathers.

    Besides, even if it were true, why would they be interested in Magpie feathers. I’m sure that trade in eagle feathers is far more profitable.
    Talking of profit … Perhaps we might consider investing in some of that colourful polyester lining fabric. Hallowe’en? Well that too but I was thinking about maybe we could make some of those fringed polyester costumes that have become so popular for Pow-Wows. Just market them as genuine traditional costumes like that lady at the local market used to do.

    Welcome to the New Age … Were you a Hippie George? Reason I’m asking … Back in the 60’s while some people were trying to save the world … They say hippies don’t remember much except the fog.

    By the way they were once called Indians …
    Do the research George …

    Click to access standingcon.pdf


  5. Do you suppose all world leaders need prayers?
    What if there were a sudden rising up across the world
    … A rising of all the woman who had ever been abused and raped?
    … A rising up of all the women who had never had a chance?
    … A speaking out of all those women who had suffered in silence?
    What if these women were to demand justice and restitution?

    What would Canada pay victims for lifetime of injustice?


  6. Women knew they were persons before some silly law gave them permission to become so.

    Jews and Muslims don’t need to fight over some bit of barren desert to prove they are Jews or Palestinians or some exotic undefined new age mixture that mysteriously belongs everywhere and nowhere.

    Christians don’t need to bomb the world into submission to their own rules and regulations … No matter how right they think they are … In the end, they too must answer to a Higher Power.

    Unbelievers need to learn to see beyond what they think is obvious. Not everything in this world can be explained by hard science. The greatest minds of all civilizations have always been those open to new possibilities.

    Everyone needs to learn to have a little more respect


  7. Imagine the horror of waking one morning and discovering that your world is gone … That the tools you always used don’t work anymore … That your skills are obsolete … That you no longer have the means to earn a living … You can no longer afford to pay taxes or rent a safe home. You have no place to sleep or bathe or eat. You own nothing more than the clothes on your back. You are too old to start again.
    How do you respond to those who say you just have not tried hard enough?
    What do you do?
    Is this the point where you sell your body or your soul?


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