Here in Canada? How does it go? Something about No news is good news? Does that make sense.

Considering how the news is being filtered … Big Brosister you mean? Hmmmmmm 

What is a poor old Granny to do?


So George, what do you think?  


Quality Control … I think quality control might be worth looking at George. All the old Grannies of the world … after having lived so long and seen so much … Well surely grannies must have some idea about quality. How about a world-wide grannie consultation on quality control?

And since quality control begins with education. Well, yes, George. If there is no quality control in education, how do we teach future generations to distinguish between real medicine and snake oil. Grannies need to wake up and realize that one day soon …

… Hmmm you know George …

I’m sure you know about the population getting older … And one of these days all these grannies will find themselves at the mercy of the younger generation … Well all I’m saying, George is that the grannies need to realize this and speak up before it is too late. Otherwise, George, the grannies might just find themselves being force-fed snake oil in their final days.

So, where do grannies begin? Glad you asked, George. Ever heard of GIQAC?

How about ORBICOM?
Which is? Oh ohhhhhh … Was is it?< Any Grannies there? Did any Grannies get invited?
Hmmmm chosen by lot? You think?

Just imagine … Nowadays … Canada is one big box George … Sort of … Ever see a real ballot box George? Not like they used to be. One time ballot boxes were made of metal.
You don’t get it do you George?

Type used to be produced with metal too. Took a little more time, more effort. A ticking clock meant there was time to think things over. Not all news all the time was about a ticking clock.

What about news outside of Canada? What about it?


The end

Well George … Looks like it’s just you and me now.

Ads? What ads? Oh … word from sponsor? Well I have nothing to do with that. A real sponsor would pay me for my work … Besides, placing an ad here would be like the erection of Billboard somewhere in some unknown desert … Back in the early sixties. Who would see it. Don’t you know George? Freedom of speech is a bit of a luxury these days. Hmmmm … Nothing for nothing …
Meanwhile fwi … Dummy

Well … Yes … I do make mistakes … Dummy?
Oh yes … I see … Send in what dummy? What did you say?
Which two newfies do you need to change a light bulb?
Sorry but that makes no sense, no sense whatsoever.
The question is … “How many Newfies does it take to change a lightbulb?”
Everybody knows that. I’m sure everybody has known that since St. Brendon first discovered America.

Historically accurate? Aren’t you hysterical! I don’t complain about what version of history you choose to espouse, do I?

What do you mean there is no possibility of having to be accountable for mistakes? What is Positively brilliant about a dumb Newfie Joke?manuvre … Where is the Dummy when you need one? Which one? Have a little respect please.

Ok … That’s it. That is the last of your thinly diguised Newfie Jokes.
The answer? Depends on watt?

As we all know from past experience, everything we get, our homes, our education, our food … Everything depends upon sponsorship.

Without sponsorship you are not even allowed to have a job … At least that is the way it works here in Canada.

If nobody is willing to sponsor you …

But I do know, George. I know it very well. Look around you. Look at all the people you know who are successful, well- educated, well fed. They are where they are because they have sponsors. The sponsors are often political but not always.

What it comes down to is that if you have no sponsor you will probably eventually starve to death.

Whether sponsorship is related to advertising? Who knows?